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Women's Classic "C" Monster Racerback Tank

Women's tank with the Casas Ink "C" Monster mascot

Hell Hound

Tattoo style graphic art of a fierce wolf put down by daggers and arrows

Face Landscape

The surreal face of a beautiful woman with imagery reminiscent of mother nature

Fungus Watercolor

A vibrant look into the uninhibited mind of a surreal artist


Surreal artwork of an unlikely combination of nature and manmade objects

Women's Gypsy Racerback Tank - Royal Blue

Beautiful, young gypsy inspired by tattoo-style art and design

Classic Dripping C Black T-Shirt

The dripping "C" is the Casas Ink logo

Off With Her Head

Provocative imagery of a dethroned queen and her once beloved king

Organ Donor

Surreal imagery of a dreamlike hillside where all creatures flock for life

Hot Air

Take a ride straight to death in the surreal hot air balloon 

Yellow Rose

The yellow rose is inspired by traditional tattoo style artwork

Two Headed Serpent T-Shirt

Her beauty attracts you, but then she reveals her wicked side

Death Moth T-Shirt

Surreal skull and moth tattoo inspired design

In Disguise

Surreal artistic illustration of a man with an uninhibited mind open to the subconscious