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Men's Classic "C" Monster Tank

Rep' the Casas Ink mascot, which is half house and half squid, on a classic tank

Women's Owl Racerback Tank - Purple

Wise owl decorated with roses to accentuate its beauty

Two Headed Serpent T-Shirt

Her beauty attracts you, but then she reveals her wicked side

Off With Her Head

Provocative imagery of a dethroned queen and her once beloved king

Classic "C" Monster White T-Shirt

The Casas Ink mascot is half house (casas) and half squid (ink)

The Masked King

Corrupt king hides behind a mask that symbolizes his hunger for power over his followers

Gypsy Rose

The gypsy rose is inspired by traditional tattoo style artwork

Bird House

Owls find a safe haven by looking past the strange exterior of a bizarre creature

Organ Donor

Surreal imagery of a dreamlike hillside where all creatures flock for life

Night Watcher

Surreal artwork of a bat and devil hybrid and its watchful evil eye

Surreal Koi Hannya Mask

Imagery combining two traditional Japanese elements into one surreal design

Night Watcher T-shirt

Surreal design of a bat and devil hybrid and its watchful eye

The Skowl (Drawing)

Art depicts the struggle between good and evil through symbolism, using an owl and snake

Rose Eye

Surreal watercolor of a beautiful, young girl with a rose eye