Surreal & Tattoo Inspired Art and Apparel

Men's Classic "C" Monster Tank

Rep' the Casas Ink mascot, which is half house and half squid, on a classic tank

Green Demon

Beware of the evil demon, searching for the next kind soul to destroy     

Original Fungus Watercolor

A vibrant look into the uninhibited mind of a surreal artist

Women's Owl Racerback Tank - Purple

Wise owl decorated with roses to accentuate its beauty

Classic "C" Monster Black T-Shirt

Classic black t-shirt with the Casas Ink Mascot, half house and half squid

Blue Serpent

Fierce serpent hides behind warm roses in the tattoo style art   

Classic Dripping C White T-Shirt

The Dripping C represents Casas while the ink drips from the bottom

Women's Gypsy Racerback Tank - Royal Blue

Beautiful, young gypsy inspired by tattoo-style art and design

Women's Owl Racerback Tank - Macchiato

Wise owl decorated with roses to accentuate its beauty

Night Watcher T-shirt

Surreal design of a bat and devil hybrid and its watchful eye

The Skowl (Digital)

Art depicts the struggle between good and evil through symbolism, using an owl and snake

Two Headed Serpent T-Shirt

Her beauty attracts you, but then she reveals her wicked side


Surreal artwork of an unlikely combination of nature and manmade objects

Hot Air

Take a ride straight to death in the surreal hot air balloon