Surreal & Tattoo Inspired Art and Apparel

The Skowl (Digital)

Art depicts the struggle between good and evil through symbolism, using an owl and snake

Hell Hound

Tattoo style graphic art of a fierce wolf put down by daggers and arrows

Women's Owl Racerback Tank - Purple

Wise owl decorated with roses to accentuate its beauty

Women's Gypsy Racerback Tank - Shocking Pink

Beautiful, young gypsy inspired by tattoo-style art and design

Women's Gypsy Racerback Tank - Royal Blue

Beautiful, young gypsy inspired by tattoo-style art and design

Blooming Skull

Neo traditional tattoo inspired skull and rose watercolor

Golden Skull T-Shirt

This four-eyed creature views the world through his all seeing eye


Surreal artwork of three hotheaded gentlemen     

Classic Dripping C Black T-Shirt

The dripping "C" is the Casas Ink logo

Death Garden

Surreal imagery with symbolism that even the most beautiful things must die eventually

Off With Her Head

Provocative imagery of a dethroned queen and her once beloved king

Bio Skull

A sinister biomechanical skull that lives in the dark side of the artists imagination

Green Serpent

The wicked serpent is pierced by an arrow before catching its next prey

Dagger Snake

An evil snake meets its death by dagger in the tattoo inspired art