Surreal & Tattoo Inspired Art and Apparel

Classic "C" Monster White T-Shirt

The Casas Ink mascot is half house (casas) and half squid (ink)

The Masked King

Corrupt king hides behind a mask that symbolizes his hunger for power over his followers

Men's Classic "C" Monster Tank

Rep' the Casas Ink mascot, which is half house and half squid, on a classic tank

Women's Gypsy Racerback Tank - Shocking Pink

Beautiful, young gypsy inspired by tattoo-style art and design


Surreal artwork of three hotheaded gentlemen     

Women's Classic "C" Monster Racerback Tank

Women's tank with the Casas Ink "C" Monster mascot

Love Slave T-Shirt

Surreal imagery of a woman atop a melting man's face and his exposed heart

Clipper Ship T-Shirt

Traditional tattoo art inspired clipper ship and mermaids

Gypsy Lady

Mysterious gypsy who only comes out at night looking for her next destination


A quick look into the uninhibited mind of a surreal artist

Gypsy Rose

The gypsy is inspired by traditional tattoo style artwork

Birdcage Queen

Even after death, this woman is guarding her feathered sidekick from outside evil

She Wolf

Tattoo influenced art of an 8-legged creature feared by all who cross her path

Blooming Skull

Neo traditional tattoo inspired skull and rose watercolor