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Rose Eye

Surreal watercolor of a beautiful, young girl with a rose eye    

Fire Breathing Rose

The surreal rose skull is inspired by traditional tattoo style artwork

Fungus Watercolor

A vibrant look into the uninhibited mind of a surreal artist

Gypsy Snake

The gypsy snake is inspired by traditional tattoo style artwork


Surreal artwork of an unlikely combination of nature and manmade objects

Off With Her Head

Provocative imagery of a dethroned queen and her once beloved king

Surreal Koi Hannya Mask

Imagery combining two traditional Japanese elements into one surreal design

Death Moth T-Shirt

Surreal skull and moth tattoo inspired design

Men's Classic "C" Monster Tank

Rep' the Casas Ink mascot, which is half house and half squid, on a classic tank

The Skowl (Drawing)

Art depicts the struggle between good and evil through symbolism, using an owl and snake

Night Dragon

Artwork of a fire breathing creature that only appears in the dark of night

Organ Donor

Surreal imagery of a dreamlike hillside where all creatures flock for life

Women's Owl Racerback Tank - Macchiato

Wise owl decorated with roses to accentuate its beauty

Digital Koi Fish

Digital version of the Japanese influenced and tattoo inspired koi fish and lotus flowers design