Surreal & Tattoo Inspired Art and Apparel

Koi Fish

Japanese influenced and tattoo inspired traditional koi fish and lotus flowers artwork

Green Serpent

The wicked serpent is pierced by an arrow before catching its next prey

Face Landscape

The surreal face of a beautiful woman with imagery reminiscent of mother nature

Bio Skull

A sinister biomechanical skull that lives in the dark side of the artists imagination

Women's Owl Racerback Tank - Macchiato

Wise owl decorated with roses to accentuate its beauty

Surreal Koi Hannya Mask

Imagery combining two traditional Japanese elements into one surreal design

Men's Classic "C" Monster Tank

Rep' the Casas Ink mascot, which is half house and half squid, on a classic tank

Green Demon

Beware of the evil demon, searching for the next kind soul to destroy     

Wolf Torch

The wolf torch is inspired by traditional tattoo style artwork

Hannya Mask

Tattoo inspired Japanese hannya mask and lotus flower artwork

Women's Gypsy Racerback Tank - Indigo

Beautiful, young gypsy inspired by tattoo-style art and design

The Skowl (Digital)

Art depicts the struggle between good and evil through symbolism, using an owl and snake

Sacred Rose

The sacred rose is inspired by traditional tattoo style artwork

Death Moth T-Shirt

Surreal skull and moth tattoo inspired design