Surreal & Tattoo Inspired Art and Apparel

Organ Donor

Surreal imagery of a dreamlike hillside where all creatures flock for life

Gypsy Lady

Mysterious gypsy who only comes out at night looking for her next destination

In Disguise

Surreal artistic illustration of a man with an uninhibited mind open to the subconscious

Classic Dripping C White T-Shirt

The Dripping C represents Casas while the ink drips from the bottom


Surreal artwork of three hotheaded gentlemen     

Sacred Rose

The sacred rose is inspired by traditional tattoo style artwork

The Skowl (Drawing)

Art depicts the struggle between good and evil through symbolism, using an owl and snake

Fire Breathing Rose

The surreal rose skull is inspired by traditional tattoo style artwork

Classic "C" Monster Black T-Shirt

Classic black t-shirt with the Casas Ink Mascot, half house and half squid

Men's Skull and Dagger Tank

Tattoo influenced artwork with classic elements including a skull, dagger, and roses

Women's Gypsy Racerback Tank - Royal Blue

Beautiful, young gypsy inspired by tattoo-style art and design


A quick look into the uninhibited mind of a surreal artist

Face Landscape

The surreal face of a beautiful woman with imagery reminiscent of mother nature

Green Demon

Beware of the evil demon, searching for the next kind soul to destroy