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About Us

What does Casas Ink mean?

Casas is the last name of owner and artist, Aaron, and Ink represents his art. The Casas Ink mascot is half house and half squid. Casas means houses in Spanish and squids squirt out ink. Get it?

Aaron’s Creative Process

Aaron has always enjoyed creating art in different mediums. He prefers pencil and paper, as this process feels the most natural and familiar. As a graphic designer, he also enjoys the digital process, as this is his primary platform when creating new designs. Aaron’s artwork is dominated by his passion for surreal art and love for tattoos. Each piece of art created begins as a sketch on paper or on his Wacom. Instead of a painter’s easel, he has a Wacom tablet as his platform. The hardest part of the process is knowing when to walk away from a piece. As an artist, no piece is ever really complete.
Casas Ink is based in Aaron's hometown, San Antonio, Texas. Aaron's artwork, available in limited edition prints and on apparel, can be found at many events in and around San Antonio. To see a list of upcoming shows, check out our shows tab.

Artist Statement

My artwork is created with the goal of making the human mind think. I try to create imagery that causes a dissecting thought process in order to make out the overall piece. I enjoy the reactions of individuals when viewing my art. Some are amazed, while others look in shock. The longer they stare, the more they see. My artwork is mainly dominated by surreal imagery. Recently, it has taken a twist into the world of tattoos due to my new career as a tattoo artist. I’m now creating a world of surreal and tattoo inspired art.
All my pieces begin from a sketch on paper or on my Wacom. I create a rough sketch and then outline with ink in order to achieve a fine line drawing. Once I am satisfied with the fine detail, shading and coloring are added to bring the piece to life.  My background as a graphic designer has benefited me in my process and views to create art. Instead of a painter’s easel, I have a Wacom tablet as my platform. I do prefer pencil and paper, as this process feels the most natural and familiar, but I also enjoy the digital process, as this is my primary platform when working in my studio.
Being fairly new to the art community has opened my eyes to the talent of those I have met along the way. Art is not only a craft, but a way of life. Those with this gift are truly blessed with the ability to create something out of nothing. To take a blank piece of paper, canvas, or wood and turn it into art is inspiring. I never thought that art would be such a huge part of my life.

Thank you, and I hope you enjoy my art.